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Andrea Menard is an acclaimed Métis singer, actor, writer, and music messenger who excels in all four creative areas of her medicine wheel. Andrea, who has performed for royalty, prime ministers, ambassadors, governor generals and even sang her song “Peace” to the world’s NATO generals, has created life-long fans with her powerful voice, her songs, and her message of hope.

The Vancouver-based performer has recently emerged from an intensely creative gestation period armed with new projects and talents and has managed to re-invent herself once again. Menard launched a collection of uplifting songs, debuted her symphony show entitled “I Am Andrea Menard”, filmed two television series, and is developing an inspirational business called “The MusicMessengers”. The magnetic Menard is aiming for the stars and inspiring change wherever she the music industry and beyond.


Andrea Menard’s fourth album, Lift is one of those feel-good albums that gives you a boost of sunshine in times of need. For Menard, Lift is a personal and musical turning point. Conceived during the murky time before a creative explosion, Lift, with its unwavering optimism and joy, helped bring

clarity back to her vision. Lift, is a collection of joyful songs about beauty, awakening, and unity. Co-written with her long-time collaborator, Robert Walsh, the uplifting rhythms, melodies, and lyrics of Lift is Menard’s attempt to bring a positive message to the world.

“I just want to make music that makes me feel good. I want to speak impeccable words, as taught to me by my elders, so that when I sing them joy radiates from my heart and affects the people around me in a good way. “

Sparkle, Andrea’s third album, is an original work, co-written with and produced by Walsh, thatcelebrates the glittering winter and the holiday season. Andrea toured the Sparkle Tour and her satellite youth show, The Little Spark Tour, across the Canadian prairies for three years, and continues to bring her empowering message of ‘unity’ to audiences young and old alike. The title song from this award-winning album has been sung around the globe and has been described as the “new Silent Night.”

Menard wrote and starred in a television holiday special, called Sparkle: An Evening with Andrea Menard, (Wabunganung Films) that continues to be broadcast on APTN during the holiday season.She was nominated for a 2011 Gemini Award for her outstanding performance.

The talented songstress’ first two award-winning albums, Simple Steps (2005) and The Velvet Devil (2002), both feature original songs, written by Menard and Robert Walsh. Simple Steps, produced byWalsh, is “a little bit country, and a whole lot of folk”. It won a number of awards for its outstanding

performance and production, including “Outstanding Aboriginal Artist” at the Western Canadian Music Awards. Menard’s debut CD, The Velvet Devil is the music of her hit one-woman jazz musical play that toured all across the country.

Both CDs have received much acclaim and interest both nationally and internationally. Original music from The Velvet Devil was featured on the television series Queer as Folk as well as the soundtrack CD for Season IV. As a standout vocalist, Andrea is also featured on numerous compilation CD’s including: Real Divas, a national compilation CD featuring Canada’s finest female jazz artists.

Andrea has been developing an inspirational business to promote a new class of musicians that she coined The Music Messengers, who are creating their own brand of positive music. She describes Music Messengers as “highly focused vocally- and lyrically-based songwriters who are intentionally creating harmonious music and eliminate more negative subjects from their songs.” Andrea has taken up the challenge to encourage the present music industry to raise their standards and become alert to the power of positive and negative frequency. (


The award-winning film adaptation of her one- woman musical stage play The Velvet Devil, which Menard performed at the National Arts Centre, debuted nationally on CBC’s performance arts television series Opening Night. The adapted film script, written by Menard and director, Larry Bauman, with music written by Menard and Robert Walsh, swept 13 awards at the 2008 Showcase Awards, including Best Lead Female, Best Original Score, Best Original Script, and Best Dramatic Feature. Andrea’s performance in the made -for-television movie received rave reviews and garnered a Gemini nomination for Best Performance by an Actress (2006). The Velvet Devil was produced by Executive Producer, Michael Snook of WestWind Pictures (Little Mosque on the Prairie).

Andrea starred in the dramatic series, Rabbit Fall (Angel Entertainment), which is a supernatural crime drama filmed on location in Saskatchewan. Andrea played the new constable sent to the eerie town of Rabbit Fall, where she combat criminals as well as supernatural forces. Menard, who performed all her own stunts, won Best Female Lead at the 2009 SMPIA Awards for her role and was nominated for a 2009 Gemini Award for Best Actress in a Dramatic Role.

Menard also starred in three seasons of the dramatic series, Moccasin Flats (Big Soul Productions) which aired on Showcase & APTN. She was nominated for a Gemini award in 2006 for her performance as Amanda Strongeagle, a groundbreaking role featuring one of the first lead lesbian characters on a Canadian television series. She also played a recurring role in Verite Films (Corner Gas) (Global). Menard was also part of the ensemble cast of the Gemini-winninganimated comedy series, Wapos Bay (Dark Thunder Productions) for its 7-season run.

Andrea performed in Germany at the Indianer-Inuit Film Festival, where they screened the film version of The Velvet Devil,. She also won Best Actress at the San Francisco American Indian Film Festival for her role in A Windigo Tale (Windigo Productions). Her first music video, Evergreen , also screened at the ImagineNATIVE Film Festival, the Reel World Film Festival, the Indianer-Inuit Film Festival, and was nominated for Best Music Video at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. (link to Evergreen video:

For four seasons, Andrea played the Leo-nominated role of Debbie Fraser in the edgy dramatic series, Blackstone, (Prairie Dog Film & TV) which is filmed in Edmonton, Alberta. The gritty CanadianScreen Award-winning drama, about politics on a reserve, currently airs on APTN. Andrea was also the host of CTV’s First Story, an aboriginal current affairs weekly segment in British Columbia for three seasons. She currently plays a role in the all-star cast of Hard Rock Medical, (Carte Blanche Films) where she plays an ex-musician turned medical student in northern Ontario and a funny lesbian cop in Switch (Trembling Void Productions) which is the world’s first transgender sitcom on television. Andrea guest starred in CBC’s Arctic Air and CTV’s Motive, and most recently, in the German production, Maple Bay Lodge I, II.


As a professional speaker known for her Musical Keynotes, Andrea excels in reaching a large demographic of individuals .Whether she is addressing a hall of business women, a theatre full of NATO Generals, or a stadium of Aboriginal youth, her humorous keynotes land exactly where they need to – in the heart.

Andrea has been taught by her Elders “to speak for those who can not, and to feel for those who are unable.” She has taken these words to heart by offering her musical keynotes to people from all walks of life. Andrea has been hired as the keynote speaker for such varied organizations as the Wiichihiwayshinawn Foundation’s Métis Awards, UNICEF (Stuttgart, Germany), Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), Aboriginal Housing, and the Saskatoon CHW (Hadassah-WIZO) and Congregation Agudas Israel sponsored gala, the Silver Spoon Dinner.

Andrea is currently writing her first book, “The Journey of a Music Messenger” which is about her passage into musical maturity and the birth of the Music Messenger.


Andrea Menard dazzles audiences on screen and stage –alone, on a bare stage, singing a cappella, or accompanied by a 50-piece orchestra. Menard’s new symphony show, I Am Andrea Menard, which debuted with the Regina Symphony Orchestra in May 2014, will be traveling to symphonies all over North America. The show takes all the elements of Andrea’s various talents – the jazz crooner, the traditional Métis singer, the actress, and the storyteller, and showcases a genuine entertainer. Charles T. Cozens orchestrated most of Menard and Walsh’s original songs and conducted the RSO production.

In celebration of Saskatchewan’s Centennial, Andrea joined an acclaimed cast (including Joni Mitchell, Buffy Saint Marie, Leslie Nielson, Colin James) in the Lieutenant-Governor’s Celebration of the Arts, performing for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. She has also given command performances for His Royal Highness, The Earl of Wessex, at Regina’s Globe Theatre and His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, at the Saskatchewan Premier’s Community Luncheon. Andrea has been awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, and the Saskatchewan Centennial Medal for her outstanding contribution as an artist.

Andrea toured Saskatchewan with a fundraising concert tour for the Food Banks with country music star Brad Johner, and toured the country with Tom Jackson on the Huron Carole. She was part of an all-star cast on the George Canyon Christmas Special, which aired on CBC in December 2007, and sang with the Canadian Tenors on CBC’s Holiday Festival on Ice, which featured skating performances by several Olympic and World Champion figure skaters. Also, Andrea was asked to perform in the Saskatchewan Pavilion and the Athletes’ Village in Whistler during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. In her 7th year as national cast of the Kinsmen Telemiracle, Andrea is committed to participating in this charity event for the long term, and for the second time, Menard co-hosted another event close to her heart, the Indspire Awards (formerly the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards.)

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